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Trained as a Product and Interior Designer, Manuhita lives to innovate and experience the joy of creation. Her foundation in the world of design was laid during her internship at ELLE Decor, where she explored the design landscape of India. Having developed a keen eye for design, she set foot to colour the world with what design meant to her.  After working with renowned names in the industry in India, she decided to pursue a Masters in Interior Design at the Domus Academy in Milan to further expand her knowledge and develop design sensibilities of her own. 


An interesting connection that ties Manuhita’s life and everything that surrounds it together is the influence of the letter M- Mumbai, Milan, Magazines, Metals, Museums, Miniatures, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Monika (her mother’s name) & her name itself. All of these elements have played an integral part in her journey, one that is distinct from the journey of any other.


For Manuhita, design isn’t just problem solving, it isn’t just breaking down theories. It’s about giving lifeless things a language of their own and being surrounded by things that make you happy, that talk to you. She tries to embody parts of characters, both fictional and real; parts that she feels acquainted with, and blends them together through unexpected ways in her design. 

Manuhita is also a co-founder of multi-disciplinary Design Collective, ZONA TRE which she runs with Sara Badovinac and Pietro Mattina. She was also awarded with ELLE Decor International Design Award (EDIDA 2019) as Student of the Year Runner-Up for her thesis, Lost & Found.  Manuhita's work has been recognised at various levels and has won her numerous accolades during her academic years.

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