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MIDGE is a passion-turned-professional project, inspired by the main character in the show Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
The idea for this project struck me when I saw Midge’s (the protagonist) hats evolve with her identity and character.


Much like Midge, I use the form of those hats as a medium of expression and to capture human personas.

What started as a personal project as notes and scribbles are now translated into a collection of functional objects.
I envision these products in various spaces - it could be on Joan Didion’s desk, on Franca Sozzani’s dresser, in Jules Austin’s conference room, on Julia Child’s kitchen island, to name a few. 

It stems from my fascination with people and characters I have read about, people I know about, people I have met, people I have never met, people I can never meet and mostly from  the people I truly hope to meet.

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